Tuesday, 15 December 2009

In Context

My final three posters in context to show how it would look and where they would be placed.

Final Posters

These are my set of final three posters I think they have worked out really well and I'm really pleased with them. It hase really helped with my photography skills this brief which I have needed, I also think that it is a strong idea and works really well as a poster because of its strong imapactful imagery.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Poster Development

Here are a few different layouts of type and different typefaces and colours to see which one works best I think using the navy blue type works best as it compliments the metro logo and photograph well and keeping the text central.

Fonts for Poster and Photographs

Had a look through a few fonts that appealed to me to be used on the three Metro Posters I was mostly looking at bold, and regular sans serif fonts.

Here are a few selection of photos that I have taken for the set of posters focusing on the newspapered object. Taking actual newspaper pieces I thought about how I could apply it to morning object and the morning routine. I looked at main objects that associate with the morning and what people use in the morning to get them self up out of bed. So doing this I thought I could cover these objects in the metro newspaper and photograph them as a set of three different posters.

The objects that I have chosen are an egg, egg cup and toasted soliders, a cup, milk, and tea bags, cereal bowl, spoon, milk, and a cereal box.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Experimentation with Type

Here I have experimented type using newspaper as I wanted to focus on using the metro newspaper in my designs as it being a set or posters on promoting the paper I wanted to include the actual paper in my designs. So I started with type and colour, using yellow I thought that this relates to a bright morning and waking up in the morning.

I dont think these have much of an impact and don't work well as a poster, I think imagery needs to be included for the poster to create more of an impact and to be looked at and read.

The Brief

This is a competition brief from D&AD where I will be creating a set of three posters to promote the Metro newspaper I need to create a set of posters that will stand out amoungst the crowd of commuters and be engaging. I also need to create a strapline to get readers to make Metro their number one choice and make people want to read it.

My audience are urbanties aged 18-44, people who are in full time employment and live or work in the city.

The posters need to be able to stand out and show little information as possible so mostly image and a catchy memorable strapline will have to be shown as its only going to be looked at quickly due to where the posters are going to be shown such as bus sides/panels, tube station, bus stations etc so they are going to be seen by commuters and people who are quickly passing by.

I will be working on this brief for a week and a half.